Out Skerries Island.

70 inhabitants.
Following the closure of the high school and the fish farm, Julie sees her family split and her house emptying. Powerless.

director : Victor Ridley

producers : Jeanne Scahaise & Carol Van Hemelrijck

cinematographers : Mathieu Storms & Kinan Massarani
sound : Gilles Lacroix

editor : Christophe Evrard
edit assistants : Ayrton Heymans, Vincent Meilac
sound editing : Laetitia Douanne
sound mixing : Sebastien Lheureux
color grading : Olivier Boonjing
graphist artist : Cécile Van Caillie

starring : Julie Powis, Ryan Arthur, Scott Arthur, Ethan Arthur, Sofiana Arthur, Alice Arthur

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© 2021 by Hum Hum Productions
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