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A dark tale that looks at the limits a father will go to protect his children. Michael loves his children, Jack and Sarah, but through tragedy and pain, he is now on the run with them at his side. His life is his children, he will not let them suffer like he has, he will let not anyone get to them, no matter the cost.

director : Tom Pickard
producers : Carol Van Hemelrijck, Jeanne Scahaise & Martine Skogstad

cinematographer : Daniel Jaroschik
1st AC : Dan Berens
2nd AC : Harry Buck
gaffers : Chris Perry & Robin Paterson

sound operators : Declan Chew & Chris Sharland

production designer : Elina Sprude
production designer assistant : Marisa Mito
costume : Elle Mikola
make-up artist : Elly-May Bell

runners : Ben Bovkey, Theo Zeal & Tomek Kowalski

starring : Paul Tonkin, Jude Forsey, Kaedi Atkins, Elizabeth Appleby, Gemma Leader, Darren Jordan, Kassim Warioba, Ben Bovkey, Tomek Kowalski, Martine Skogstad, Alex Gardner, Carol Van Hemelrijck


Lift-Off Showcase, Lift-Off Global Network - New York, World of Film International Festival Glasgow, Polish International Film Festival, North Europe International Film Festival - Fusion International

Watch my father my king

Available on Shorts TV : Here

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