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Hum Hum Productions and Durbuy Music partnered to create Nature Sessions : live sessions at the very heart of Nature. 

Durbuy Music is a creative core that unites songwriters, musicians, and producers. Founders Domien Cnockaert and Manou Maerten wanted to give artists a space surrounded by magnificent nature, inspiring gear, a modern vision yet with a very authentic feel, to bring the best out of the creative spirit of an artist. They are renovating a 70's riverside villa close to Durbuy into a multipurpose complex including a high-end recording studio, creative rooms, rehearsal room, gear room, and bedrooms to stay the night. 

There are three kinds of Nature Sessions. 

Nature & Mobile

This live session will be recorded in the forest, with the help of a portable kit. The leaves, the branches underneath our feet, the rain, all of the nature that surrounds Durbuy Music will be a part of the music and the future video.


With a breathtaking view of the river and the nature surrounding Durbuy Music, this pack offers an incredible background for a live session.

Recording Studio

Knowing all of what surrounds Durbuy Music, discover the incredible studio at the center of this creative and natural environment, filled with top of the notch instruments and equipment.

You can find more infos on Durbuy Music.

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