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Ahmad, overwhelmed by psychological problems following his exile, lives in a psychiatric hospital where he befriended Alice. Deeply wounded, Alice and Ahmad help each other survive until Alice leaves for a few days with her father. This separation drags Ahmad back into the meanders of his past, drifting between hallucinations and reality.

writer & director : Victor Ridley

producer : Jeanne Scahaise 

line producer : Jennifer Jeurissen

production assistant : Carol Van Hemelrijck

location manager : Roxane Timperman

runner : Noam Trocki

1st AD : Pierre Jacquin

2nd AD : Nikita Trocki

script supervisor : Salomé Bellemans

cinematographer : Kinan Massarani
1st AC : Benjamin Vincent

2nd AC : Emile Scahaise

key grip : Gilles Lacroix

grip : Romain Tardy

gaffer : Mathieu Storms

sparks : Thaïs Play-David, Hugo Corson, Jonathan Vayr

sound operator : Simon Morard

perchman : Nicolas Pommier

set decorator : Camille Leys

props : Pauline Fryson

make-up artist : Nina Gros

special effects / make-up : Lila Vanderelst & Charlotte Dutilleux

stylist : Éléonore Mommaerts

starring : Aziz Temori, Elsa Houben, Sylvie Perederejew, Laurent Caron, Nicolas Legrain, Anton Csaszar, Nargis Temori, Nadia Agmir

editor : Christophe Evrard

assistant editor : Mariwenn Arnaud Joufray

sound designer, editor & mix : Pierre Dozin

composer : Ruben De Gheselle

singer : Alice Spa

grader : Lucien Keller


Rhode Island International Film Festival, FIFF Namur, Le Court En Dit Long

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